Thursday, 14 February 2008

Lets give her a "hand"

So, it would seem that 90 day Jane (Blog Here) didn't go through with it - in fact, she only managed a few days, 7 in fact - before she called it all off.

Now, I don't think that she's thought this option through nearly as thoroughly as she did the original idea of topping herself. So, I think we should try and get her to change her mind.

After all, she had some good ideas - life is sucky, no one understands her, Halo 3 is too difficult. The list is endless, and the points were valid. So let's help.

Remember, the last post on Janes blog:

"To everyone, please reach out to those around you. It's much harder to ask for help than to offer it."

90 Day Jane might look like this

So come on people, let's help her start again with the end, it makes perfect sense.

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